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HomeGuide’s Best of 2020

March 16, 2020 by friscomaids

We’re excited to announce Frisco Maids has been chosen by HomeGuide as one of the “Top 10” house cleaning business in Frisco!

We are 100% dedicated to adding happiness to our customers’ lives by removing the chore of cleaning. It’s an honor to be recognized for our hard work!

Paul Mazzola, Founder of HomeGuide, writes:

Dear Greg,

I’m excited to announce that you’ve been named Best of HomeGuide in 2020. Congratulations!

We looked at dozens of other pros in your area, scored you on more than 10 variables, and hand picked you to be part of the program.

This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of HomeGuide pros make up less than six percent of all HomeGuide professionals.

Hard work deserves recognition, so we’re proud to offer you our Best of HomeGuide perks. We’re placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes so customers will recognize your achievement.

I’m honored to have you on HomeGuide and excited to see you grow your business. Congratulations again!

~ Paul Mazzola, Founder of HomeGuide

We’re Quoted in the Reader’s Digest

March 13, 2020 by friscomaids

Reader's Digest logo

Frisco Maids own Alberto was quoted in two Reader’s Digest articles entitled “10 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes” and “The 6 Best Ways to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board“.

In “10 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes”, Alberto warns not to use wipes on hardwood surfaces:

“Wood surfaces need to dry quickly, but wipes leave the surfaces relatively wet,” says Alberto Navarrete, the General Manager of Frisco Maids in Dallas, “so that is counterproductive.”

Alberto was also quoted in “The 6 Best Ways to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board”:

After you’ve cleaned your wooden cutting board with hot water and soap, rub it down with a damp cloth dipped in salt. Alberto Navarrete, General Manager of Frisco Maids recommends salt as a great solution for how to clean a wooden cutting board because it is a good abrasive that will remove all of the stains and gunk. Navarrete suggests that you also mix the salt with vinegar or lemon to remove any odors from the board.

Removing Bacteria From Your Home

February 18, 2020 by friscomaids

Removing bacteria from your home with Frisco Maids

Removing Bacteria From Your Home

Some people love cleaning their homes, others don’t have time for it and many simply hate it. But recently cleaning and having an order for your house its trend in social media. We have a cleaning phenomenon in Netflix, a woman called Marie Kondo have a viral show, where she goes to people’s homes and offices to offer her service, and change the lifestyle of other people.

Every day in social media, pops trends pro cleaning and organization, even gaining some viral sensation, like this new Netflix series. The method its called KONMARI, and she have a philosophy where she explains how to clean and how to keep a tidy environment. She claims that having a clean environment is good for you, makes you live a better life. But is she right? Or it’s pure gibberish?

Our home is the place where we spent the majority of our lives, and in the same way, as we take showers or get haircuts, our homes need to look for. We actually spent more than one-third of our lives in our homes, just 1/3 of that in our bedrooms. But how a clean house benefits you?

Clean house, calm mind?

The study made by Princeton Neuroscience Institute tell us that there is a significant cognitive improvement when we live in an organized environment, without clutter. Our brains can focus much better when around us there isn’t any disorder, because our brains naturally get distracted by such things.

Then there is a reason to clean our home and workplace, in a clean environment you get focus, therefore a clean environment is without any doubts a more productive place.

Further evidence that having a clean home is a healthy mental environment is this study by Clorox proved that living in a clean place can make you until 60% more empathic and helps to create new and better connections to others. It relaxes you and will make relationships with others. Feeling fresh is important.

Ok, so having a clean house only helps the mind right?

Well, not only the mind has benefited from this, actually the body seems to get healthier as the person gets cleaner, and we aren’t just talking about allergies. A study focus on obesity  concluded people between 45 and 60 years were healthier and slimmer as they live in a clean house. People who tend to have a clean house are more likely to stick to a plan and keep doing exercise.

Therefore, it is demonstrated that living in a clean environment is beneficial for the body and the mind.

It’s even Dangerous living with clutter

Having clutter could be a health risk, especially if you have carpets and rugs. Thanks to this investigation, for persons over 65 years old, the grant majority of accidents are because of clutter in rooms with a carpet. Especially for elderly women.

We can’t recommend cleaning enough or you just think that Marie Kondo is an extremist, or you just don’t like to clean, in this digital age many cleaning services are on the internet.

Remember everything points out that a clean house leads to a healthy way of living.

The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

November 23, 2019 by friscomaids

Does cleaning your rental property take too much time?

Hiring a cleaning service for your rental unit(s) is a great idea. Opting for professional services comes with many benefits, says Uptown Dallas. You can enjoy increased tenant satisfaction and an improved occupancy rate.

In this article, we’ll go over the major benefits of hiring a cleaning service for your rental property. Also, you’ll learn about the key questions to ask when picking your service provider.

1.      Your productivity gets a boost

Cleaning even a smaller rental unit takes some time. Taking care of the cleaning can clutter your daily to-do list as a landlord. When you don’t have to think about cleaning anymore, you can focus on more important tasks.

Fewer distractions allow you to focus on building your career as a property investor. Passing on monotonous daily tasks is the stepping stone for taking your business to the next level.

2.      You can save money

Does saving money when hiring a cleaning service sound counter-intuitive? Actually, opting for professional cleaning services may easily help you save money. That’s because you don’t need to buy all the necessary tools and products for the cleaning.

Professional cleaners cover these expenses. They have all the machines and materials for getting the job done. You don’t have to buy products that expire before you get the chance to fully use them.

3.      Lower vacancy rate

Vacancies are bad for your cash flow. One of the long-term strategies for reducing the vacancy rate is hiring professional cleaning services. The reasons are simple:

  • Prospective tenants can clearly see when a property as undergone regular cleaning.
  • You can ask more rent for a property that is in top shape.
  • Cleaning doubles as maintenance. Ignoring small stains and smudges can create bigger aesthetic problems down the road.

4.      Your property gets a more thorough cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind? This tends to be true when landlords clean their properties by themselves. There could be many dirty areas that you won’t clean because:

  • You don’t even know these parts of your property need cleaning
    • These dirty areas are unreachable

Professional cleaners have all the necessary knowledge, equipment, and skills to clean even the hardest to reach areas.

5.      Receive fewer complaints

Receiving complaints allows landlords to get better at managing the rental property. However, hearing constant complaints about cleanliness issues should be taken as a huge red flag. It might mean that hiring a professional cleaner is the only way for moving forward with your investment.

Dealing with fewer complaints isn’t only a matter of reduced time and stress. Happier tenants stay longer and have a higher potential of extending the lease agreement. Plus, your tenants will appreciate getting a professional cleaning done for their living space.

What to ask before hiring a professional cleaner?

Here are the main questions you should cover before hiring a cleaner. Getting the answers allows you to pick the best service provider.

  • How long does an average cleaning session take?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What are the payment options?
  • When are you able to provide the services?
  • Do you have any references?
  • Are there any cleaning services you don’t provide?
  • Do you have all the equipment and cleaning products for this job?
  • Is it possible to get extra services, such as laundry or ironing?

You should follow these tips after finding a suitable cleaner:

  • Discuss the details of getting in and out of the house.
  • Tell your cleaner about specific details that they should know about. For example, you should tell them how you want your polished granite counter tops cleaned.
  • Agree on the frequency of certain cleaning tasks. It’s very likely that you don’t want the windows cleaned every week. But it’s important to specify how often you want to have them cleaned.
  • Provide constructive feedback. Be courteous while providing all the necessary information on how your cleaner can improve the work. It’s an essential part of an ongoing professional relationship.

The bottom line: benefits of hiring a cleaning service

Do you feel that cleaning your rental property is stressful and time-consuming? A lot of landlords felt the same. That’s why it’s becoming a standard to hire a professional cleaning service. There are numerous benefits for working with a professional, including:

  • You will save money
  • You’ll experience better personal productivity
  • You rental unit receives better cleaning
  • You are able to lower your vacancy rate
  • You’ll receive fewer complaints related to the property’s cleanliness

7 Things to Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

October 22, 2019 by friscomaids

  1. Electronic devices or gadgets
    We constantly use a plethora of electronics such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, and smart TVs. Rubbing alcohol cleans them all, whether it is just dust or natural oils from finger sticking to the keyboard. And it’s exceptional ideal for this task because alcohol evaporates quickly, lessening the risk of harming the electronics. Just need cotton pads damped in alcohol.
  2. To remove stickers from jars
    A lot of people – including my wife – are into recycling glass jars, from mayo, tomato sauce or any cooking products. Rubbing alcohol is great removing that sticky glue residue after peeling off the brand sticker.
  3. Clean tennis shoes’ soles
    Active souls tend to owns tennis shoes for their outdoor adventures. And outdoors can be downright dirty. Add a dab of rubbing alcohol to a baby wipe and wash away any stain or mud from your tennis shoe soles.
  4. Stainless steel
    We know cleaning stainless steel can be tricky, easy to get stained or scratched. Rubbing alcohol is an amazing option to clean all your stainless-steel appliances.
  5. Sterilize toys
    A quick and safe solution to sanitize your toddler’s toys is wiping them with rubbing alcohol. And considering all junior’s toys tend to end up in his mouth, rubbing alcohol not only kills the bacteria, it is a safer alternative than using harsh, chemical filled cleaning products!
  6. Spot cleaning carpets
    Rubbing alcohol best any over the counter product for spot cleaning your carpet! Just poor it on the spot then blot. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Remove hair spray from mirrors, tiles, and counters
    To remove hair spray build-up, just dampen a cotton pad or cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe away.

Rubbing alcohol is a versatile and safe cleaner that every home should have stocked on their shelf. Cleaning products that can perform a plethora of purposes is preferred because it is more efficient than hauling a basket full of products specializing in just a single cleaning task each. This means making cleaning a cinch!


August 26, 2019 by friscomaids

Frisco Maids ~ by Jaqui E.

There’s not one person in this world who has not experienced yet the hard task of cleaning. Everywhere we go there is a mess that needs to be taken care of, and it’s obvious we can’t just forget about it and pretend it is not there. The question is: do I have time to clean the mess I left at home? Even if you hate the chore it must be done. That is why I am here to tell you life is not supposed to be complicated, there is help out there and finding the right one shouldn’t be hard either. So stop wasting your time taking time off important tasks from your daily routine and let someone else take care of it for you!


If something goes wrong, regardless of what the situation is, the customer will always be right. We know it can be scary to trust a stranger to get into your home but if the company is state approved, you know you can trust them. Don’t worry we got this! We are not talking about simple employees, they are professionals with vast experience and talent who know how to execute their job successfully. The only way to know what’s ahead of you is making a list of your needs to make sure the company offers the kind of service you are looking for, voice your concerns and clear all doubts in order for you to make a decision and giving them the opportunity for the first time.


It’s not a joke when it is said that “Excessive dust in the workplace can be a problem… it can trigger a range of allergies and respiratory conditions” or when talking about mold “causes respiratory problems, common allergic reaction symptoms, nervous-system disorders and depression.” There are several hazardous situations that are linked to bad cleaning practices. Don’t put your life and your loved ones’ in danger. Take the chance to hire trained professionals, will be a thing less to worry about and worth the investment.


I was born Mexican and let me tell you, as soon as I hear my mom’s music on weekends, I know it is time to clean. Yes, on the only days I have off from school I had to do chores. By the end of the day I was exhausted and didn’t want to do nothing but lay down. Oh, but trust me, it was definitely not an option for anyone to make a mess. For the people who can relate to my hate for cleaning, why would you want to put your energy and mind on something that is not only going to cause stress but take valuable time of your daily routine.


No more going to the store wondering which is the best brand to purchase so that you can get rid of the stain on your stove which is waiting for you at home and no more wasting your precious time and strength to make it come off completely. Isn’t that what we all want? Not having to come home when tired to clean stains that were not there yesterday. House Cleaning Companies provide their own supplies and equipment which is a huge plus. We often find ourselves without the proper products and equipment to execute the task as great as possible.

Don’t be afraid and give a House Cleaning company a chance.

Our Cleaning Tip Mentioned in Reader’s Digest

March 7, 2019 by friscomaids

Frisco Maids cleaning tip was recently mentioned in Reader’s Digest:

“After you’ve cleaned your wooden cutting board with hot water and soap, rub it down with a damp cloth dipped in salt. Alberto Navarrete, General Manager of Frisco Maids recommends salt as a great solution for how to clean a wooden cutting board because it is a good abrasive that will remove all of the stains and gunk. Navarrete suggests that you also mix the salt with vinegar or lemon to remove any odors from the board”

Click “The 6 Best Ways to Clean a Wooden Cutting Board” for the full article.

Cleaning The Scariest Messes

December 6, 2018 by friscomaids

It was a relaxing summer of 2005 Saturday as I laid on the couch reading a book when I got a call. A frantic voice from one of my cleaning staff yelped “Please come to this job because you won’t believe until you see. Oh, and bring a few bottles of bug killer”. A few bottles of bug killer. Not a good sign.

As I climbed the stairs to the second floor apartment an overwhelming stench of urine invaded my nostrils. The door and all windows were open, gnats casually fluttering out. Upon entering I immediately saw the reason for the bug spray I held – thousands of gnats with the largest concentration in the kitchen. when I say thousands, I am not embellishing one iota. Literally, thousands of gnats filled the room creating a surreal 3D connect the dots puzzle. I started spraying…

The worse messes tend to be with move in/out cleanings, so here is what to do:

First, open all windows and doors. The worse messes have the worse smells that may be detrimental to your health. So thoroughly air out the home.

And if you have a bug problem, you may need to close a few doors. As I sprayed, it quickly became apparent I didn’t have enough bug spray. The solution was spraying in a closet or a room then closing the door so the bug killer could do it’s killing.

Second, start high and dry. As you dust ceiling fans or use the broom to remove cobwebs in the upper reaches of the room, allow them to fall down. Then gradually work your way down to base boards and lower surfaces. Don’t worry about the mess on the floor. The vacuum will make quick work of that.

Third, vacuum. Using the vacuum on both carpet and hard floors when it is more effective than a dust pan. Ensure your vacuum has convenient extensions you can use for corners and crevices.

Fourth, commence with the wet jobs. The trick is to spray all the surfaces, appliances, ovens, sinks, etc with your cleaning solution and let it sit, allowing the cleaning solution to do the heavy work. Come back after 10 to 15 minutes to wipe off. Repeat if necessary.

I’ll pause here to go back to this 2005 job. In the bathroom was a thick gel of yellow around the toilet. The bachelors that had lived here were not only bad aimers, they never cleaned the area around the toilet. I can only assume they had lived there for years for this yellow, thick gel of urine jelly to form. What did we do? Due to the thickness of the matter simply spraying was not going to be effective. My cleaning crew used a scraper to remove the majority. then sprayed a generous amount of all-purpose cleaning solution, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. Then wiping it up after the solution did its job was a cinch. Though those rags were trashed – no recycling there.

Finally, mop floors. Start from back to front, eventually mopping your way to the front door for an exit.

Optional: For the exceptional stinky homes poor baking soda on the floors and surfaces before cleaning. Allow it to site overnight, giving it time to eat the obnoxious odors.

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker with Denture Tablets

July 26, 2018 by friscomaids

Cleaning Coffee Maker With Dentures

Denture tablets are great for light cleaning tasks such as cleaning your coffee maker of toilet because they contain dilute sodium hypochlorite, a mild form of bleach. The convenience is, in my opinion, the biggest positive. Nothing easier than dropping a couple of tablets in water! Also, there is no danger of accidents such a spillage such as accidental droplets drippage from bleach on the carpet. Yikes!

Here are 4 step trick that can be used to clean your coffee maker with denture tablets:

1) Drop 2 denture tablets in a cup of water. Allow to fully dissolve.

2) Pour in the cup of fully dissolved denture tablets into the coffee maker’s water reservoir. Let sit for 10 minutes.

3) Turn on cofee maker, allowing water to run through to decanter.

4) Run two pots of water through the coffee maker to rinse….

…and voila! A toilet fit for an orthodontist!



Why Joining Other Maid Service Email Lists is a Good Idea

May 31, 2018 by friscomaids

Book Online EasilyWhy joining other maid service email lists is a good idea…

First, if you do not utilize the emails you have collected, then start. I use mailchimp which rocks! With a click of the button, it’s the easiest may to generate business on those sluggishly slow days.

So I’ve joined a few mailing lists over the years because it’s a great catalyst for good ideas. For example, one maid service had simply emailed their story. They didn’t ask for business or offered any coupons, they just eloquently told why and how he and his wife started their cleaning service. It was a well written story I found compelling. It made them likable. And being likable makes people buy from you.

You can also see the types of specials other businesses are running. For this, you should pay attention to the big franchises (Merry Maids, The Maids, etc). They pay big bucks for professional marketing firms to design effective campaigns. The Maids have been exceptionally impressive. Don’t copy their campaigns… You won’t need to because the ideas you’ll get will be enough to create your own, killer effective emailings.

Semi-related: I’ve notice we have quite a few real estate agents on our mailing lists. I found that they join lists so they can take advantage of great deals. You may want to offer that piece of advice to your real estate customers. They will 1) appreciate it – always place your customer’s interest before yours – and 2) even though you may have other lists to compete with, at least you have a chance to win their business.