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Home Cleaning Kit Essentials for Smarter Home Cleaning

December 18, 2020 by friscomaids

Home Cleaning Kit Essentials for Smarter Home Cleaning

Cleaning is not easy. However, another question that is even not easy is how to stock up cleaning supplies. For students, newlyweds, or adults just moving into a new house, you need to add a long list of cleaning supplies to your bills if you want to keep you home in pristine conditions. Although it looks challenging, stocking up is not difficult if you know what to look for. Since you don’t have a cleaning agency, you only need the basic supplies to get you through your daily routines. Some essentials that you should buy include:

Top cleaning supplies

A utility belt

A utility belt is like your one size fit for cleaning supplies. As the name implies, it is worn on the waist and is used to hold other cleaning supplies. It can be exhaustive, carrying all your cleaning tools from one room to the other. Since you can’t arrange them on a cart because of the stairs, you can buy a comfortable utility belt so that you can move your supplies from different rooms with ease.

All-purpose cleaner

If there is the option to choose only one type of cleaner, it should be an all-purpose cleaner. Unlike cleaners designed for use on specific areas, an all-purpose cleaner is handy for getting stains off different surfaces. For example, you can use it on countertops and kitchen floors without varied results. To make the process more convenient, you should shop for an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle. The spray version is easier to use and does not leave messy residues. However, we recommend a natural or plant-based cleaner for the safety of house occupants.

Tube, tile, mirror, and window cleaner

Tube cleaners are formulated to clean bacteria, limescale, and soap scum. As a result, they are handy for cleaning different parts of the bathroom. You can try a limescale remover as they are effective for removing dirt from shower screens, draining boards, and taps. Apart from this, mirrors and glass are easy to clean if you have the right product. Whatever product you use should eliminate marks and stains without leaving smears on the mirror or tiles.

Window cleaners are safe for use on glass and won’t leave smear and smudge on your windows. Thanks to their versatile formulation, you can use the products on non-glass surfaces like hardwood floors, stainless appliances, etc. Some all-purpose cleansers double as window cleaners; however, you should confirm if it does before using the product on glass.


Cleaners and cleansers are not formidable enough to get rid of germs and bacteria. As a result, disinfectants are handy compliments in areas like the bathroom and kitchen where germs are more common. Antimicrobial ingredients in disinfectants kill germs and bacteria and prevent further growth. Not only are they ideal for killing germs, they ultimately ensure the safety of every occupant. You can buy disinfectant wipes as they are easier to use and don’t require sprays. Nonetheless, either type of disinfectant will do an excellent job of eliminating germs.

Furniture polish

Some individuals don’t use furniture polish; however, they are handy for keeping your furniture in good condition. Not only do the products smell lovely, but they are designed to go well on wood and bring out the shine and color. Hence, applying it to wood is another way to keep it from falling apart and in good condition. The polish reduces watermarks on wood and adds shine. They are especially handy if the wood is dull and could use a bit of color.

Washing up liquid, bleach, and spirit

Washing up liquids can be used for washing pans, pots, and the bathroom. You can try bleach or hydrogen peroxide as they let you get rid of tough stains on white surfaces. For example, they are an essential product for use on tiles, basins, etc. Surgical spirits, like bleach, remove sticky substances and stains that are hard to remove.

Top cleaning tools

Cleaning the counter tops

Cleaning cloth

Cleaning clothes clean, polish, and dust surfaces smoothly. Among its many advantages, the most significant one is that the clothes are not costly. Hence, you can buy them in a large quantity. Microfiber cloths are the best type for cleaning; however, you can buy optical clothes. Microfiber cloths have absorbent and fine synthetic fibers that attract dust and debris. The clothes are also easy to wash and reusable; hence, a better alternative to paper towels. If you don’t want microfiber, you can choose a reusable cotton diaper or surgical towel.

Sponge and brush

Cleaning sponges, like cloth, let you get close and personal with surfaces. You can choose a non-scratching sponge to avoid scratching the surface when you use them. Apart from this, you should have a scrub brush or sets of brushes in different sizes to handle different tasks. Since a scrub brush will be too large for some surfaces, you can use a detail or toothbrush for close cleaning. The toothbrush should have a sturdy non-slip handle and string bristles for scrubbing hard to reach places.

Rubber gloves and hand duster

Rubber gloves are not must-haves but are handy protection for your hands. You can use hand dusters to remove dust from surfaces like the ceiling fans and other tall areas of your home.

Vacuum, mop, broom, and bucket  

Vacuum cleaner lets you clean rugs and floors faster than you ever will by hand. Although it is the most expensive item on the list, it is critical to smooth cleaning. Not only does the vacuums clean dust, but it also picks dust and ensures convenient emptying. Since you can’t use a vacuum on every floor type, you should invest in brooms to keep your floors clean and mop if you have tile or hardwood floors. Lastly, you should have buckets for convenient mop usage.


All the items above are essential tools and supplies for stress-free home cleaning. More importantly, though, you should have a storage room for keeping the supplies for security, protection, and an easy pick when you want to clean your home.

Three Simple Ways to Pay your Personal Cleaners

December 3, 2020 by friscomaids

One question most employers find hard to answer when it comes to cleaning is how to pay cleaning employees. Note, the question is not always how much to pay. Instead, it is how to pay cleaning employees. The reason for the difference is that, before you can determine how much, you should first determine how. On the surface, it is considerably easy to fix a payment method. However, if weighed, you will understand that each method comes with advantages and disadvantages. Since you want to remain fair and objective, it is only normal to want the best for your cleaning employees.

Since you don’t run a cleaning agency, you don’t need to bother so much about minimum wage yadda and all. In fact, this simple fact is one of the biggest of hiring your cleaner outside an agency. Why? Because you don’t engage the cleaner throughout the day. When you need to get some cleaning done, you call your cleaner, he/she comes in for a few hours and leaves with their pay. Simple as that. Hence, you don’t need to worry about trade union strike action because they want an increase. Mind you; it is not an excuse not to match their pay with the quality of the job offered.

There are three significant ways to pay your cleaners; you can either pay

  • Hourly
  • By the job
  • Hourly with incentives

Remember, you don’t run a cleaning agency; hence, whatever method you want to choose, it won’t need you to break the bank. The emphasis should be on paying your cleaner a fair share that matches the quality of jobs offered.   

1. Hourly payment method

The simplest and easy to practice payment method is to pay your cleaners hourly. Simple, right. You come in for one hour; I pay you for an hour of your service. Hence, it means agreeing on an agreed hourly rate that is only subject to increase or decrease after another agreement. As simple as this payment method seems, it can be abused. If it can’t, most people shouldn’t have much problem fixing cleaner’s remuneration. When you hire people who are more concerned about earning their pay than offering quality service, you will soon find fault with this payment option.

On the upside, hourly pay is an excellent way to pay for service since it motivates a cleaner to work more hours for more pay. Not just this, but a motivated employee is equal to a happy employee. Permission to call your cleaners your employee since you did employ them. Cool? So, they stay motivated, and everyone is happy. Apart from this, they can’t complain to any wage association, and you can’t force them to work overtime since they are billed with time.

Hourly payment option provides a sense of security for cleaners since it lets them focus on doing a high-quality job. However, on the downside, it might tempt them to milk the hours. What this means is that it tempts them to work at a slower pace to get more hours. Hence, instead of doing a task for one hour, then reduce their pace and do it in two.

To take care of this, you can use a time quote to know when a cleaner is taking more time on a task. If you find an employee like this, you should know he/she values the money more than services rendered.

2. By the job payment

Another payment option is to pay your employee by the job. The advantage of this method is that it quickens the pace of work and lets the employee maximize earning within a short period. This method is especially for cleaners who have other cleaning appointments since they can juggle between jobs without making either party angry. So, as far as job performance is concerned, this seems like a fair approach. 

However, unlike hourly payment, there can be a few issues with setting how much to pay. For example, if you set hourly pay at $10, you may not have the same luck with “by the job payment.” Hence, it requires a sit down between either party to know how much to pay. We recommend you find out how much others are paying to fix the rate you are comfortable with.

The con of this approach is that it can lead to rushed jobs. Since the goal is to complete the job without a time constraint, it might negatively motivate an employee to do a sloppy job for pay. The way to fix this is to provide the choice of jobs to your top performers: If they don’t perform, they do not get jobs.

3. Hourly payment with incentives

The final option is to pay your cleaners hourly but attach a few conditions that ensure extra tips and cash bonuses. For example, say if they complete a set of tasks within a period, you will add a bonus to their pay. Not only will they want to do the task, but they will want to do it well and claim the bounty you offer. Hence, you will motivate your cleaners to work and tackle the problem of burning time and slowing the pace of work.

One secret with a reward system is that it makes people feel valued and important. Hence, it shows that you are interested in job completion and willing to hand out cash for a job done well. Ultimately, you pay your cleaners what their job is worth, and you build trust and relationship with them.


If it were easy to determine how to pay personal cleaners, you wouldn’t be here reading this now, would you? True, the process isn’t easy; however, you don’t have to make it more complicated. Leave the headaches to the cleaning companies and agencies and look for a straightforward way out. Although we have examined the popular payment options, you can work around it to find out which is best for you. For example, a sit down between you and a potential employee will clarify most problems since you will reach a more personalized decision. Remember to build trust, relationship, and encourage high-quality results. Now, how you do that is entirely up to you.

How to Clean Your Home Like a Professional

November 16, 2020 by friscomaids

An untidy home brings with it a feeling of anxiousness and anxiety. To solve this, most people employ the services of a professional cleaner. Getting a professional to do your house cleaning can be less stressful since they offer the best cleaning jobs to give you more free time. However, employing such a service will increase your already rising bill, something you cannot allow if it can be avoided. 

Cleaning your home yourself seems like an excess task. However, it is a handy approach to save costs and relieve the stress and anxiety clumsy homes are known to bring. When you think about it, it does not require much to become a professional house cleaner. Not that you will be good enough to offer professional services; however, enough to keep your home clean and classy. 

Tips for cleaning your home like a pro 

Stock up and gather cleaning supplies 

Cleaning your home by yourself can be overwhelming. To avoid this and ease the process, we recommend you stock up on cleaning supplies. Home cleaning, surprisingly, does not require too much cleaning supplies. Not just this, but the supplies don’t cost enough to break the bank. When you have the necessary cleaning supplies, you won’t need to spend too much time cleaning, and the process can be breezy. Apart from this, the cleaning will require less prep time, and you can do a quick snap and grab. 

To make the most of the process, set apart a storage box for storing all the supplies for future use. This step is essential as it provides a one-glance view and quick selection. The following items should be in the storage box: 

Microfiber cloths 

Microfiber cloths are cleaning cloths made from synthetic materials. Thanks to their texture and feel, they attract grime and grease with ease. As a result, it makes cleaning surfaces easy, even without using chemicals. The clothes are very absorbent and are handy for cleaning water surfaces. They also effectively get rid of bacteria, cleaning furniture surfaces, and dusting surfaces. Microfiber cloths are considerably easy to clean, unlike paper towels and other less maintenance-friendly cleaning clothes. You can machine wash it if you want and use it a few minutes after washing since the clothes dry quickly. Plus, it is sturdy and will last you through repeated use without fading. 


Sponges are vital for cleaning, especially for cleaning the kitchen. They are useful in keeping kitchen utensils, countertops, gas cookers, and appliances clean. However, you should know that sponges sometimes are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria. Hence, you should pay special attention to the sponge and how you store it after use.  

Scrub brush

Since a kitchen scrub won’t always be effective for cleaning, you can pair it with a scrub brush. Scrub brushes are handy for getting rid of tough stains that a sponge won’t get rid of. You can use the brush for scrubbing tiles, countertops, and any other surface. 

Brooms and vacuum cleaners

Brooms are another house cleaning necessity for getting rid of dirt lying around and clearing cobwebs from corners of the house and furniture. They are equally useful in the dusting of dirt from couches and chairs. A vacuum comes in handy when cleaning up carpets, rugs, upholstery, window blinds, and even window and door sills. They help remove dust from the sofa as well as the refrigerator coil.

Mops and sizeable buckets 

You will need a mop for general house cleaning that involves soaking up water and washing. Besides the mop, you need a sizable bucket for convenience mop utilization. 

These are not all the cleaning supplies in the world; however, they are essentials that you cannot do without. When you clean, you must pay special attention to details and tiny or hard-to-reach places. More importantly, though, you need to store the equipment after use to make the next cleaning easy and stress-free.  

Declutter your space 

Don’t just move into cleaning and expect an impressive result. Instead, you need to start by arranging and rearranging different parts of your home. Put things in place, dispose of irrelevant things, and get rid of stuff that is no longer useful. This process will make cleaning easier and make navigating more convenient. 

With your tools ready, start with vacuuming before you proceed to mop the floors. Vacuuming helps to get rid of dirt, hair, and dust. After vacuuming the floors, you can proceed to mop the floors. 

Work on your ceiling and walls

While cleaning, ensure you work on every corner and surface in your house, including the ceilings and the walls. Cleaning the floors won’t tend to much if you don’t do the same to the walls and ceilings since dirt drops from the ceilings to the floor. Hence, by cleaning the ceiling and walls, you prevent further dirt accumulation from that channel. Besides, the walls and ceilings are part of your home and should be clean. Since it doesn’t look like a stressful activity, you can schedule routine wall and ceiling cleaning to reduce dirt accumulation and how long you’ll spend cleaning on a general cleaning day. 

Do the laundry

Move from the house and turn your attention to your laundry. However, you can multitask while at it and carry out other tasks. For example, you can leave the clothes in the machine while you go ahead with other house tasks. This will help you finish your tasks with greater efficiency and speed. 

Take the rooms one at a time

Start with different rooms and make your way through the pile of dirt and mess. You can start with the kitchen; wash all kitchen utensils, clear, and organize the drawers while throwing out things that are no longer useful. While at that, clean the refrigerator and freezers by disposing of expired or stale food and wipe off spilled food from the compartments. Do the cleaning of the microwave, stove, and kitchen sink; after that, mop the floor. After this, move to your room and sort out the bathroom until you are satisfied with the result. 


 Cleaning sure is stressful. However, it can be a fun exercise if you let it. It doesn’t look much; however, these are enough tips to let you feel like an expert while cleaning your home. 

Basic Steps for Cleaning Your Home

October 14, 2020 by friscomaids

Cleaning, no doubt, is a daunting exercise. However, if you know how to, you can make it an exciting routine. On the surface, home cleaning looks like a self-explanatory task; however, there is usually a lot more than meets the eye.

Four basic home cleaning routines

Make a plan

The first step is to make a comprehensive plan of where you want to clean and how much time you are willing to spend on each part of the home. A plan like this will help you set a cleaning schedule and stay motivated. You also need to select your cleaning supplies and essential ingredients. Primarily, you need:

  • Vacuum
  • Dishcloths
  • Steam mop
  • Spray bottles
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

After selecting the ingredients and supplies, you can make a checklist of the areas to clean. Delegate tasks to make it a less back-breaking exercise. Plus, we recommend that you clean from top-down or back to the front door for effective results.

Clean the bathroom

The toilet is one of the most unpleasant places to clean in the home. Hence, it is best if you start from there. Wear rubber gloves and scrub it gently with hot water and a sponge. You can use a toilet cleaner to scrub the toilet and spray disinfectants to get rid of germs. After this, clean the tub or shower the same and extend the courtesy to the sink. Not just this, wipe the glass and mirror with a glass cleaner until it is clean.

Clean the kitchen

Move to your kitchen and clear the dishes off the sink. You can either hand wash them or use the dishwasher, depending on the items you want to wash. However, hand washing makes dishes last longer. After washing, dry the dishes and place them on the drying rack to air dry. Next, proceed to clean the microwave, oven, and organize the cabinets.

Clean your bedroom

If there is clutter, start by organizing the clutter. The secret here is to start with small items and work your way through larger ones. Hence, start with papers and clothes that are strewn. When you are done, make the bed or wash the sheets if you must. Don’t forget to organize your closets and arrange your clothes. However, be careful with fragile pieces like lampstands and other items that can break. You can spray a subtle but nice scent into the room when you are done to cap your cleaning.

Clean the living area

Depending on the type of floor you have, choose a cleaning method that is best for the floor. However, vacuuming is the most effective method to get rid of dust. Alternatively, you can use a dry dust mop or a carpet sweeper. You can also substitute it and mop the floor, especially if you have textured or tiled floors. If you have pets, vacuum daily to get rid of pet hairs and prevent fleas. Some detergents are handy for cleaning fleas; hence, you can try them out. Dust the furniture, polish the wood, and arrange your room the way you want.


Our list is immense; however, it is not exhaustive. Nonetheless, you will find it a handy way to get started on your home cleaning.

7 Tips House Cleaners Desperately Wish You Knew

April 23, 2020 by friscomaids

The Kitchen - 7 Tips House Cleaners Desperately Wish You Knew

The Kitchen ( wrote this amazing article,”7 Tips House Cleaners Desperately Wish You Knew” so we thought to publish it here, on Frisco Maids’ blog. That and tip number 3, “You’re probably not sanitizing your trash can enough”, quotes our own, Alberto.

7 Tips House Cleaners Desperately Wish You Knew

We recently asked Kitchn readers for their most brilliant kitchen cleaning tips, and our favorite one on the list was the last idea: “Hire someone.” Maybe it’s because most of us would rather leave the dirty work to someone else? Or maybe it’s because we know that the pros have better tips and tricks than we do? (Or maybe it’s both?) Regardless, we decided to turn to the pros.

We reached out to a few professional house cleaners for their best cleaning tips. Here are the things they WISH you knew. (Whether they’re coming to clean your house or not.)

1. Your kitchen needs good ventilation.

“A well-ventilated kitchen will help avoid moisture, which can cause the growth of bacteria or mold.” — Norma Capin, Dallas Maids

2. There’s an easy way to clean your microwave (and it’s probably already in your fridge).

“Whenever stains and residue build up in your microwave, give this workhorse kitchen appliance a thorough cleaning. Combine 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and turn it on high for 2 minutes. After the microwave has filled with steam, use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside and the residue will come right off.” — Thumbtack Professional, Michael Dimpoloulos, Founder of  Lazy Susans Cleaning

3. You’re probably not sanitizing your trash can enough.

“Clean the inside of your trash can often — people often forget about it and it gets nasty. If you have a smell in your kitchen that you can’t quite put your finger on, then it’s probably your trash can. Simply rinse with water and soap to get your trash can back to its original state.” — Alberto Navarrete, Frisco Maids

4. Don’t forget to clean your sink either.

“We usually forget to clean our kitchen sink and drains. Unfortunately these are places where germs thrive. Throw out food scraps and other particles daily and wash it at least once a week with regular dishwashing liquid.” — Stephanie Cooper, Top Cleaners

5. Keep your stovetop looking immaculate with dish soap.

“Every time after you cook, remember to wipe your stovetops down with a damp cloth or a sponge. If there are grease spots, clean them with hot water and dishwashing liquid. This will take you only a few minutes, but will prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime.” — Cooper

6. You need to change out your water filter more often.

“Water pitchers are an easy, inexpensive way to purify your drinking water. These pitchers need frequent filter replacements, though. Look at your manual for exact instructions, but most need to be replaced every two to six months for optimal water quality.” — Leanne Stapf, The Cleaning Authority

7. Clean your dish towels more than once a week.

“Dish towels see a lot of wear and tear, from wiping up spills to drying glassware and everything in between, which is why they need to be washed so regularly. As often as every other day! But once spots and stains become visible following a wash, that’s when you know it’s time to toss it, or use it as a rag to clean other unpleasant messes around the house.” — Stapf

Source: 7 Tips House Cleaners Desperately Wish You Knew

Frisco Maids Offer Advise to on How to Defunk Your Refrigerator

April 23, 2020 by friscomaids Logo

Salt can be an amazing cleaning hack. consulted with cleaning experts on writing an article, sharing “10 Ways to Use Salt to Keep Your House Spotless”. Number 10 was a salt cleaning hack on how to de-funk your refrigerator shared by Frisco Maids:

When dealing with food-related cleaning, Alberto Navarrete, general manager of Frisco Maids in Dallas, prefers to take a natural approach.

“You don’t want chemicals close to food, so salt is the answer,” he says.

Use a mixture of equals parts salt and white vinegar (or club soda) to clean your refrigerator surface and remove any bad smells.

~ 10 Ways to Use Salt to Keep Your House Spotless

Frisco Maids Featured on

April 23, 2020 by friscomaids

We love cleaning! And we love sharing the best house cleaning tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. Recently we shared one of the most common done but damaging things that is done to hardwood and laminate floors with MSN at Using too much water.

In MSN’s article, “55 Ways You’re Ruining Your Home and Don’t Even Know It”, Frisco Maids own Alberto explains how water may damage your floors:

Water may be effective at getting your floors clean, but use too much and you might find yourself in need of some replacement flooring before you know it. Excessive amounts of water on your hardwood or laminate floors can cause them to warp or stain. “If you want to clean your wood floors, use the minimum amount [of water] possible,” suggests Alberto Navarrete, general manager of Frisco Maids.

~ 55 Ways You’re Ruining Your Home and Don’t Even Know It

The best way to clean hardwood floors is using a dry mop. Water should be used sparingly and when used, thoroughly dried afterwards to prevent it from ruining the floor.

Frisco Maids Quoted in Business Insider

April 23, 2020 by friscomaids

Frisco Maids cleaning service utilizes the top talent from foreign sources that work virtually in order to provide our customers with the most value in house cleaning.

Alberto is one of our amazing virtual workers who is based in Venezuela. Recently he was quoted in Business Insider article , “9 of the Most Challenging Things About Working Remotely, According to People Who Do It”. Being a remote worker for our maid service, Alberto was sought as a source for this article:

Alberto Navarrete, general manager of Frisco Maids, a house-cleaning service in Dallas, works remotely and said it’s easy to overwork yourself.

“Every hour in a day is a work hour,” he told Business Insider in an email. “So if you are behind on a project, you can expend the extra hours in your day. This, after a while, is a dangerous practice, as you start to feel burned out pretty quickly, and you can pass 12 hours of your day working and never leave your living room.”

To clear his head, he said he’s learned to take breaks and go for walks, which helps him focus on work again.

~ 9 of the Most Challenging Things About Working Remotely

We’ve found that taking an advantage of virtual workers is a win/win/win. A win for the virtual worker because they earn more than otherwise in their country. A win for Frisco Maids because it makes us a stronger company financially because it lowers our cost of operation. And a win for our amazing clients because the savings are pass down to them in the form of more competitive house cleaning rates.

We are tremendously thankful for our hardworking, virtual workers who are dedicated to making our customers happy and helping Frisco Maids be the best house cleaning company in Frisco, Texas.

Frisco Maids Quoted in

April 23, 2020 by friscomaids

Frisco Maids’ Alberto was quoted in TODAY’s article, “5 Best Paper Towels of 2019”. In the article, TODAY sought the input of various house cleaning experts on which paper towels “swear by”. The number one choice was Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels recommended by Alberto Navarrette of Frisco Maids Cleaning Service:

“For the best bang for your buck, you will want to choose something like this,” said Alberto Navarrete, General Manager of Frisco Maids in Dallas, Texas. It’s what Navarrete uses when he knows he’s going to go through an entire roll. And he isn’t alone in his appreciation for these slightly shorter sheets from Bounty. With 4.7 stars from nearly 400 reviews, they’re Amazon’s best-selling paper towels. Bounty advertises that 16 Quick Size rolls are equal to 40 regular rolls.

~ 5 Best Paper Towels of 2019

Alberto was also quoted in TODAY’s article, “The 5 Best Dishwasher Detergents of 2019”, where he recommends Finish Max-in-1 Powerball Wrapper Free Dishwasher Detergent Tablets:

Alberto Navarrete, the General Manager of Frisco Maids in Dallas, said his staff primarily uses Finish Powerball detergent while dishwashing for clients. “It’s good and cheap. You are spending pennies per load. We always carry one box wherever we go,” said Navarrete.

Finish also won the 2019 Product Of The Year Award for “best automatic dish product”.

~ The 5 Best Dishwasher Detergents of 2019

For all the recommendations from the cleaning experts TODAY consulted, check out these two articles, “5 Best Paper Towels of 2019” and “The 5 Best Dishwasher Detergents of 2019“.

From Nothing to $14,000 a Month in Clients

April 8, 2020 by friscomaids

Found this piece on how to market a maid service by going door to door. Thought it was interesting so I’m re-posting it here. Unfortunately I was not able to track down the cleaning service company so they may no longer be around. Anyway, great read for folks who would like to grow a maid service.

This is both a success thread, for those thinking of starting their own enterprise, and a request for advice – for those who are like me and looking to improve the offline marketing machine.

I work for a company that owns a few different businesses. One of the businesses is a residential house cleaning company. We have tried many things, but we have found a few that work better than others.

Our goal has been to build a business on a shoestring budget, so our marketing has been very limited in terms of budget. Most of our marketing has been via door to door sales.

We created a door hanger flyer that acted as a coupon. It offers 1 hour of free cleaning with a minimum purchase of 2 hours. It also clarifies that we offer ‘free estimates’. This allows us to have a conversation with our prospective clients and give them a customized quote based on their needs.

At first we just put the door hangers on each door; trying to hit as many homes as possible. We passed out 10,000 door hangers, but only had a response of about 1/3 of 1%. As you can tell, this was NOT cost effective!

So we started trying a different method. We would take the same door hangers, but wait until evening or the weekend – when people were home – and we would go door to door. If no one answered, we would still leave the doorhanger, but if they did answer we would use this outline script:

Hi, my name is _____ from Pixie Dust Services. We are a locally owned cleaning company and we just wanted to let you know we are here to serve you. Have you ever used a cleaning service?

Our conversion rate from this method has shot up to around 2.5%. It takes a lot more time, and is labor intensive, but it has proven to be very effective.

Our total cost to acquire a new customer is around $130 per customer. This is much lower than the average lifetime value of a customer – and most new customers cover this cost in just one month of using our service. If we were not paying a cleaner/sales person to do the door to door (and were doing it our self) that cost per customer would be much, much lower – as the major cost is labor. So for someone looking to start something – a cleaning company can be started for as little as the cost of insurance, initial cleaning supplies and a few door hanger flyers. The biggest cost is your own time and investment in going door to door.

This method has allowed us to grow from nothing to over $14k in monthly revenue in just under 6 months.

That is the ‘success’ side. I want to encourage anyone looking to start their own venture that the best method is usually just putting boots on the ground, ear to the phone or knuckle to the door.

Of course, there is clearly room to grow. We are looking at improving our method and making our customer acquisition more efficient. We don’t mind paying $130 for a new customer, as that is profitable, but we would like to find ways to lower that figure.

We are thinking about an EDDM campaign. I have attached the flyer I have designed and would love to get people’s critique on the flyer.

Article source